Admin Tips

This page has links to a series of articles for Freedica website administrators explaining how to install your own Freedica Network, how to configure and customize your network and how to maintain your network over time.

Setting up a Freedica network is a matter of carefully following a series of simple steps. If you want to start and run a secure social network, you need at least one secure Linux computer you can use to go online and make changes and additions to your network website and to hold your network data and documents. You also need a secure Linux Virtual Private Server to host your network website.

These steps are divided into the following 8 articles:

A1 Create a Secure Linux Computer
A2 First Steps after creating a Debian Laptop
A3 Create your Own Secure VPS
A4 Install the Hestia Control Panel on your VPS
A5 Use Hestia to Install Freedica
A6 Network Admin Configuration
A7 Customize your Network Appearance
A8 Member Moderation

Admin 3 Create Your Own VPS

In our previous two articles, we explained how to create and configure a Linux computer. In this article, we will summarize how to use your secure Linux computer to create your own secure Debian VPS and then install the Hestia Control Panel on it.


Why Canhost is the Best Option for Hosting your Social Network
I have written a detailed article explaining why I recommend Canhost to host your VPS. Here is a link to this article:

In a nutshell, due to the Draconian Patriot Act, it is not secure to host your social network VPS on any server located in the US. It is also essential to use a VPS host with an easy graphical DNS Manager. Finally, it is important to use a VPS host that is not so small that they may go out of business but also not so large that they will have poor customer service. CanHost is located in Canada, has excellent customer service and uses an extremely easy DNS Manager.

Step 1: Use a Secure Linux Computer
Do not use a Windows or Apple computer as using either will compromise your CanHost account security.

Step 2 Use a Secure ProtonMail Email address
Do not use a Gmail address as it is not secure. You will be sent your initial password via email and it is therefore essential to use a secure Proton Mail email address. Also do not use a Windows computer to get your Proton Mail account as your Windows computer is simply not secure. Set up a Linux Laptop first. Then use your secure Linux laptop to get your secure Proton Mail account.

Step 3 Create an Account at Canhost
To register for an account, use your secure Linux computer to open a web browser. Then go to the Canhost Home page:

Click Log In in the top menu. Then click Sign Up.


Use your secure Protonmail email address to create your CanHost account. Do not use Gmail or any other insecure email address. Also use a password that is at least 10 digits long with at least one capital letter, one lower case letter, one digit and one special character.

Step 4 Use your Canhost account to get a new domain name hosted by CanHost to use for your VPS name server
Alternately you can transfer a domain name to Canhost. However, because the domain name should be directed to CanHost servers, you will also need to transfer the files and database to CanHost if you want to use an existing domain name.

While you can use any domain name, such as - or subdomain name, such as, it is not possible to change the domain name later. Therefore give some thought to this question.

Admin 2 First Steps after installing Linux

In our last article, we reflashed our laptop and ended with the Linux Debian Start screen. In this article, we will review some important first steps to take after reflashing to Linux Debian. Here is the Debian Start screen:


Click on the Debian Menu in the lower left corner to bring up the Programs Launcher:


Here is a closer view of the Programs Launcher reached by clicking on the Debian Start button in the lower left corner of the screen:


Debian 12 now comes with the Debian Software Manager. It is the blue and white shopping bag near the top of the left column. How it got added to the Favorites column was by clicking on Administration, then click Software. Then right click and click “Add to Favorites.

Step 1: Change Debian Settings
Go the Debian Start menu and click on System Settings which is the second icon in the first column. Below is the first row in System Settings. It is called Appearance.


Click Backgrounds where you can change your background image, add your own custom images and even set up a slideshow to play on your Desktop. Then click Effects. Turn off all of the Effects. Then click Font Selection to increase the font size. Then click Themes to change themes for your panels and windows to whatever you want.


The second set of rows in System Settings is called Preferences. Click Date and Time. Turn off the 24 hour clock and turn on the date. Then click Desktop. Check Mounted Drives to make sure they appear on the Desktop when you insert a USB stick. Scroll down to the Screen Saver icon and open it. Change the Delay time to Never and turn off both Lock settings.


The third set of rows is called Hardware.


Click Power Management. Change the settings to Never and Shut down immediately. Then click Sound. Click Settings to increase the maximum sound to 150%. Then close the Settings screen.

Step 2 Add Software
Click on the Start button. Then click on the Shopping Bag icon to go to the new Debian Software Manager:

Admin 1 Create a Secure Linux Computer

If you want to start a secure social network, you need at least one secure computer you can use to go online and make changes and additions to your network website and to hold your network data and documents. Sadly, all most people were taught to use when they went to school were Windows computers. Microsoft created an open back door to its operating system way back in 1998. Using a Windows computer can therefore leave your network data and website wide open to hacking. In this article, we will explain why and how to switch from a Windows computer to a secure Linux computer.

The most important reason to replace Windows with Linux BEFORE you build your network website is Windows Ransomware. Every Windows computer that goes online is subject to hacker attacks and Windows Ransomware. There is no way to protect a Windows computer. Every year, Ransomware attacks become more common – costing businesses billions of dollars. In 2022 alone, Windows computers suffered from 863 security flaws compared to ZERO security flaws for the Linux Debian operating system:


Why Linux Debian is the best choice for Windows Converts
Linux Debian is not owned by any corporation. Instead, it is a non-profit foundation controlled by a community of computer users who want to help develop and improve their own operating system.

If you eventually want to host your own websites on your own virtual private server, you will want to use Debian for that VPS and Debian for your Desktop or Laptop computer you will use to create your VPS and your online network website.

Three Options to Create a Secure Linux Computer
The first and most common option is to reflash an old Windows computer to turn it into a Linux computer. The second option is to buy a new Linux computer and the third option is to place Linux on a USB drive (also known as a computer on a stick) and insert the USB drive into a Windows computer after setting the computer to boot from a USB drive. This third option will not harm or change any documents, data or programs on your Windows computer.


Since Microsoft Windows 11 will not work with most current computers, many people will have an older computer that they can no longer use with Windows and which can be converted to Linux. We will therefore begin with a review of how to reflash a used computer to Linux and then discuss the other two options.